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Brooklyn Employment Law Attorney

Everyone should feel safe and respected and should have a sense of stability in the workplace. Some individuals, however, go to work feeling worried or concerned about the way that they are being treated in the workplace or what will happen if they report that mistreatment.

If you face these kinds of struggles, discussing your case with a Brooklyn employment126433936
law attorney can help you understand what types of legal recourse are available. At the Law Office of Matthew S. Porges, Esq., I represent individuals in complicated employment law matters throughout New York State. I consider it my privilege to confidentially discuss your case, focusing on protecting and fighting for your rights.

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Thorough Investigation And Strategic Representation

Many people come to me because they have suffered some kind of injustice. Proving such a situation is very difficult.

Working with an experienced lawyer is crucial to obtaining favorable results. When we discuss your case, we will discuss the specifics of what happened and the evidence you have to support it, so we can make the best possible case.

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I can be reached online or by telephone at 800-366-1149. Please contact me to discuss your legal matter during a free initial consultation. Contingency fees are offered in certain cases, and payment is also accepted by credit card and other flexible plans.